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Posted:  07 Nov 2012 23:15


A new Upcoming Events List enclosed in <div>-tags, which can be easily added to one of your web pages has been produced and is currently being tested. This list and its contents can be fully customized and has a number of interesting features.

A.K.A. The Stand-Alone Sidebar! YAY!!! thump_up

I don't know why I decided to pop in today to see what was up, but I'm glad I did! biggrin

A question about this: Will it be possible to filter the events displayed based on, say, Category or Title?

I`m thinking in terms of having multiple instances of the calender on a site. For example one page has a calender showing upcoming soccer games. Another page shows upcoming baseball games.

cool Ray
Posted:  08 Nov 2012 00:18
Hi Ray,
Upcoming events can be filtered on category ID and user ID. And if you are really desperate other filter can be added.