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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / [2.7.1]: Print with categorie-colors
Posted:  07 Nov 2012 11:32

apart from the print problem with upcoming events (see my previos post), we are all other prints (day, week, month) just
in black-and-white? No colors (categorie, ...).
Info: Firefox 16.0.2, FreePDF or HP ColorLJ

Posted:  07 Nov 2012 14:46
Hi again Holger,
The only color removed by the print function before printing is the calendar background color. This is done to avoid printing a fully colored page.
All the other colors, like the event category colors are not removed and should be printed, provided you have not disabled color printing in your browser. (Firefox 16: Print - Page Setup - Format & Options - Options - Print Background check box)
Actually when you select the calendar's Print button, the displayed page is slightly modified (e.g. the nav bar, scroll bar and footer disappear). This modified page is printed, with everything (including the colors) on it. So if you see colors on the screen which are not printed, this is due to the browser settings.