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Posted:  06 Nov 2012 09:36   Last Edited By: sevy1971
Dear Sir,

Is it possible to display only one category for an embedded calendar

Thanks for help
Posted:  06 Nov 2012 19:56
Hi Yves,
Since event categories can be selected by the user via the Options Panel, we've shut off the possibility to force the display of a specific event category. This was maybe not a good idea.
With a minor change to the index.php file I can make it possible again to specify in the URL of the calendar which category to display.

If you send me your email address, I will send you the updated index.php file and further instructions.
Please mention your LuxCal version.
Posted:  06 Nov 2012 19:59
Thanks you Roel,

The version is 2.7.1   email is

thanks for your help!

Posted:  06 Nov 2012 23:12
Hi Yves,
As promised I've send you an email with the updated index.php file and further instructions.
Posted:  07 Nov 2012 10:51
Hi Roel,

would you be so kind to send me the updated index.php too.

Thanks and bye
Posted:  07 Nov 2012 14:44
Hi Holger,