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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / can't import some ical files to luxcal 2.7.1
Posted:  05 Nov 2012 19:13

Excellent program!  Having some difficulties, though.  I am in the process of migrating to a new server, and thought I would upgrade to the new luxcal.  On my old server, I was using version 2.4.0, and on the new server I'm using 2.7.1.

Rather than transferring my database, I decided to export as an ical file and import into the new version, after setting up my users and categories.

Unfortunately, when I try to import, rather than seeing an import completed page I am shunted back to the import page, and nothing is imported.  There are no errors shown on the entry removal page.  This also happens when I try and import from a google calendar file (I tried importing first to google, then exporting from google, then importing to my new luxcal)

When I export from my new luxcal installation with a test event, then delete the event and compact the database, importing the resulting ical file does work (only one event)

Is there a problem with large numbers of events being imported at once?  The total number of events in my old calendar was less than 400 entries....
Posted:  06 Nov 2012 00:49   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
To be honest, I don't know. I've never imported so many events from one file.
If your ical file doesn't contain any confidential data, you could send me the file and I will try this out for you on one of our test sites.

Version 2.4.0 was quite a while ago (June 2011), and I'm sure since then there we a few (minor) updates to the ical import script. I'm not sure if this could cause a problem.

If you cut off part of the exported ical file, so for instance reduce it to some 20 events, can you import these 20 events in version 2.7.1?
Posted:  06 Nov 2012 22:09
Hi, thanks for the reply!  I did some testing to see if size is the case.  The highest number of events I was able to import was 69.  I arrived at that one randomly, then tried for a more measured approach.  I started with 100 events and reduced it by 10 in each attempt.  I reduced to 80 events, which was unsuccessful, then on my next try I ended up importing 68 events (my counting must have been off by one or two).  So, I think we can conclude that the upward maximum number of events that can be imported into version 2.7.1 is somewhere between 69 and 80.

I've got my calendar completely imported now, and it looks like as long as I didn't break that number threshold it imported normally.
Posted:  06 Nov 2012 23:19   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Thanks for taking the time to test this.
I will carry out some test as well to see if this number is maybe server or PHP version dependent.
Maybe I can improve the ical import capability and increase the number. If not, I will mention the maximum number in the Installation Guide.
Posted:  13 Nov 2012 23:01
This sounds a lot like the issue identified in this thread: here (toward the bottom).  If I remember correctly, the issue was caused by the host in question having activated suhosin for security purposes.  That limited the number of variables allowed in a single submit, which in turn kept the import function from succeeding.

Since the host wouldn't turn off suhosin (and I don't blame them), the only way I was ever able to work around this was as follows:
  1) Import the ical data into a local copy of the calendar on a development system I have running XAMPP
  2) Export the entire Luxcal db of the development system using phpMyAdmin (setting the "DROP TABLES..." option to insure everything is replaced)
  3) Import the newly-exported backup file into the live site database using phpMyAdmin

It's a pain in the rear to go through this every time I have an update, but it's the best I can do for now.  And the complexity of this only gets worse if you have people updating the live calendar (thankfully I don't -- my live calendar is read-only).