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Posted:  01 Nov 2012 04:07
I just installed LuxCal tonight and so far I've been able to get it mostly set up with only one problem so far. When I add an event and want it to repeat on the second Tuesday of every month for some reason when I go to the next month it might be on a Friday and the next month may be on a Monday. For some reason it is never on the second Tuesday as I've set it up in the event. Am I missing something here or is this a bug in the script? Thanks in advance
Posted:  01 Nov 2012 11:30
Hi there,
I could not reproduce this error on our test sites.
Are you using the latest LuxCal version 2.7.1?
Could you send me the URL of your calendar (via the Contact Us page) and create a temporary user account with post rights for me so that I can further analyze the problem?