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Posted:  20 Mar 2010 14:00
Could you add a PayPal donate page on your main LuxSoft page?

Your calendar is (getting) perfect for my application.  I am working on a web site at a near volunteer level, but I would still like to donate a little of my money for your efforts as I think you well deserve it.

Posted:  20 Mar 2010 21:14   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Junoflydog,
Happy users, that's all I need ;)
But I know one happy user who asked for the same and made a charity donation to a Sick Children hospitall in Canada on behalf of LuxSoft. This was very much appreciated by the hospital and by LuxSoft thump_up
Posted:  31 May 2011 23:06
Put me on the e-mail list when you come looking for donations.  I'd been pulling my hair out looking for something that would work with my website. Then I found LuxCal.   LuxCal has been perfect.  Thank you so much for your time and effort.
Posted:  01 Jun 2011 19:14
Hi there,
Thank you!
The donations we are looking for are satisfied users ;)
Posted:  03 Jun 2011 19:35
I did it too and donated to an Israeli charity
Posted:  03 Jun 2011 23:07