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Posted:  16 Oct 2012 11:48   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Another thought I had which would help ME out but might be to convoluted an idea to actually implement - and perhaps an addition which wouldn't serve very many folks... (?? Not sure...)  What If I could create an event to span multiple days then repeat that event, but check a box so that the event which spans multiple days shows up as individual events?  To explain, let my tell you what I tried to do when I realized you could repeat an even when spans multiple days.

I created an All Day event with a start date of Sun Nov 4th through Wed Nov 7th.  I then chose to repeat the event every week until Sunday Dec 2nd.  What transpired was a very quick entry of my work schedule for the entire month!  However, instead of each day in a single week being defined as a separate event they were obviously defined as a single event spanning four days, one basically for each week in November.  It would nice to be able to click a button or have an option to create this same setup to easily enter an event (for me my work schedule) which is made up of the same days every week which are then repeated for all weeks in a given month (or time period.)

If you like this idea and/or want to discuss it further perhaps we could re-titile the thread and move it into your "ideas" forum.  Or maybe we could break off this individual post and use it to start a new thread in the "ideas" forum.
Posted:  18 Oct 2012 11:13   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Currently it works as follows:
when creating a multi-day, a repeating or a multi-day/repeating event, this will result in several event entries in the calendar but in only one event in the calendar database.
When the user edits a single event entry of a multi-day/repeating event, a new event will be created in the database for the edited event entry and in the original multi-day/repeating event the edited event entry will be marked as "excluded".
So individual entries of multi-day/repeating events can be edited and will then automatically be "converted" into a new single independent event in the database.

Your suggestion:
Implementing for instance a check-box which when checked will result in an individual independent event in the database for each entry of the multi-day/repeating event in the calendar.

This could probably be implemented without too many problems.
My question however is: what will be the difference for the user (the difference as compared to the current mechanism described above).
There would also be a big risk: if a user would for instance enter a work schedule - a 5-day multi-day event - repeating every week during one year, this would result in 5 x 50 = 250 (2 weeks holiday) events in the database. Now suppose the user made a mistake (a typo, the wrong title, etc.) he/she will have to edit 250 events to correct this error! Or suppose the user would forget to enter an "until" date in the repeat pop-up box or accidentally repeat the work schedule every day (instead of week) . . . an (almost) infinite number of events would be created in the database. And if the user made a mistake in these events, he/she will be busy until his/her death and long thereafter ;=) to correct all these individual events.

But you may have very good reasons to suggest this . . .
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 01:29
Busy until their death and long thereafter? lol  I 'spose so...  (Though I 'spose I'd dive into the database to make the corrections at that point!)  But that's not exactly what I meant, but close...

The event(s) could still be entered into the database in the same way any repeating event is entered now; the only (?) difference would be the way it showed up on the calendar.  If a box is checked the database/calendar would show each day as a separate All Day event instead of one week showing as a single event.  The only difference the end user would see is that instead of the "...>  <...>  <...>  <..." type marks on Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed to indicate one event lasting for four days, it would show up as four individual All Day events.  The end result would be as if I had entered a single 4-day repeating All Day event.  That way I could input a single All Day event with a start date of Sun, and end date of Wed but mark the box to have it show up on the calendar as an All Day repeating event for four days.  I could then use the Repeat button to repeat that group of repeating events.  This way I could create a work schedule for a whole month based on a single entry instead of having to enter each week separately.  Another way to look at it, and possibly implement it, would be to add the capability to "repeat a repeating event."
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 20:23   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Cheating huh, diving into the database . . . you are the calendar user and the calendar administrator, but not every user knows how to run an SQL query on the database.

I've to think about what you said in your last post. Just leaving out the <...> type marks is not difficult, but the things around it needs to be addresses as well. For example, the typical user (so not you) will not (need to) understand what's happening in the database. So he will enter his work schedule for the month, as you explained in your post, and will see 5 days x 4 weeks = 20 events appearing in his calendar, which look like individual events but in reality are created by one single database entry.  Fine, no problem so far. But suppose the user made a mistake (typo, wrong title, etc.) and wants to edit all 20 events, should the calendar ask "Do you want to edit the series or this occurrence?" or should the calendar just show the individual event in the Event edit window? The first case is time-saving for the user, however the user might get very confused, because he thought he created 20 individual events; in the latter case he will have to edit 20 events and be pretty annoyed. And - yes I know, I'm repeating myself - how should the calendar respond if the user forgets to specify an "until date" in the repeat pop-up and makes a mistake and wants to edit all 2,351,673 (note the comma's!) events.

Your "repeat a repeating event" really cracked me up smile If I would implement this, then there will also be repeating repeating multi-day events.  I can't wait to enter a repeating repeating multi-day event.  This is kind of metaphysics, don't you think so.
Posted:  20 Oct 2012 07:31   Last Edited By: Gork
heh  Like repeating a repeating event that is repeated?

Well, really, I'm thinking of it more simplistically - perhaps it could be handled in the same manner that creating any repeating event is handled.  Very little new code needed, right?  So it would create a daily repeating event X times (based on the ending date.)

In my example above, if the user clicked on one day of week #1 they would be asked if they wanted to edit the repeating event or that specific occurence.  If they chose the former it would edit just that week.  So the initial creation would create X repeats of that repeating event.  There could be a limit to the number of repeats of the repeating event which could be created.

It WOULD be nice to also have an option to edit all repeats of the repeating event as well I suppose.  Perhaps the user could be given a choice?  The first way I described is the more important of the two to me personally, though.

Repeating a repeating event...  If you could somehow pull this off it just may be a FIRST in the industry!  ;)

Commas in your numbers now?  You're gonna' make me feel like I have to use periods...