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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / Rights to create/modify events for everyone is broken - luxcal 2.7.0 - 2.7.1
Posted:  08 Oct 2012 12:11   Last Edited By: Dzeta

It seems I can choose the owner of an event only if logged as admin.

If I am logged as another user (setted with rights to create and modify events for everybody, of course) I cannot select the owner of the event, it just show me the "Added: by XXXX" message.

I noted this in a 2.7.0 install. I noted the problem only after messing around with some modification, so I was thinking I broken something... checked the code but noted anything....

So I started with a fresh new install (completely separated install and with no modifications) of 2.7.1 to check it and found the problem is also there.

Please could you investigate?

Posted:  08 Oct 2012 13:22   Last Edited By: Dzeta
After a better check I saw it was the same under previous versions so this is the intended way it works...

Anyway for those as me interested into having the possibility for a user to assign the owner of an event (so he can manage the agenda for all users)... I saw this hint from Roel in another thread...

Roel said:

"...If you want users with Post All rights to be able to set or change the event owner as well, than the following change will do the trick:
On line 75 (LuxCal v2.6.) of the file pages/eventform2.php
if ($admin) {
if ($privs > 2) {

Now a user with Post All rights will get at the bottom of the Event window a drop down list from which he/she can select an owner for the event."
Posted:  08 Oct 2012 13:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Yes, this is still correct, however, for LuxCal 2.7.1 this change should be applied to the file eventform1.php line 86.