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Posted:  06 Oct 2012 00:32
Hello all.  Just installed the calendar and it is great.  We've played around a bit with it and have questions regarding the following items:

1.  Is there any way to make the calendar private and accessible to only those users that have been setup and login with their password?

2.  The link for the login screen ends with the following character set: index.php?xP=20.  Whenever a user logs in successfully from that link the they get the same page but the following screen:

Is there anyway to alleviate that?  This may have to do with issues number one but we're not quite sure.

3.  Is there any way to remove Saturdays and Sundays (weekends) from the calendar?

4.  How easy is it to format the calendar into what the user wants?

These are all the questions I have right now but there may be more later.

Thanks so much for the great tool.
Posted:  06 Oct 2012 01:38
1 & 3:  Yes, via the admin setup screens.
2:  I have no idea what the big gray screen with the word "Login" in your post even is.
4:  It depends on what kind of formatting the user wants.  At least some colors can be changed within the admin screen.  Many other facets can be changed via changing XML files, set up this way by the authro to make it relatively easy.  The calendar can be viewed in yearly, weekly or monthly views.
Posted:  06 Oct 2012 01:56
The link to my calendar is (sorry for the example but not on the system where my calendar is).

When I go to login page the link is changed to this: , notice the extra characters at the end.  When I provide this link to others, they provide their login credentials and then are presented with the grey login screen you see above.
Posted:  06 Oct 2012 05:32   Last Edited By: Gork
They should only being going to (ie)  If the server is set up properly the "index.php" file will automatcially be used.  I don't think that login page is designed to be run directly, but rather the login link should be used on the calendar site.  There are probably pieces of information which are not accessible until the actual calendar page is loaded, maybe?  If this is a "feature" you're asking for we'll have to see what the author has to say.

Fwiw, when I try the same thing with my calendar setup I get a normal log in screen.  When I try to log in though I get an error indicating "Time-out. Please close this window, reload the calendar and try again" with a button labelled "close" which closes the browser window.  If I then visit the calendar in a separate browser window I am already logged in and it works fine.

So this leads me to believe that since the login screen is made to be opened in a separate "small window" from the browser window, that window only closes after you log in and the main calendar page already loaded is refreshed.  Therefore if you go to the login page directly there is no calendar, already loaded in the browser, to be updated.

This is not from my knowledge of the code, however, but only based on what seems to make sense to me.

As for why my setup shows login fields when I go directly to the login URL and yours doesn't, I don't know.  I'm using IE9.  Could it be a difference in the way different browsers render the page?
Posted:  06 Oct 2012 16:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
Gork has already addressed a couple if things (thanks Gork!), but I will try to go in some more details.
Your questions:
1. You can make the calendar completely private by going to the admin's Users page and giving the "Public Access" user "No access rights". That's it.
2. You should not give this link (ending on ?cP=20) to users. Once you have done what I explained under 1. above, you should give users the normal calendar URL (e.g. and they will automatically be asked to log in.
This way you will never get this "blank" login page. (in a next calendar version I will try to forbid users to use this direct login link)
3. To remove Saturdays and Sundays from the calendar views, in the Options Panel select Work month or Work week view. On the admin's Settings page under Views you can specify in "Work week days" what days to show.
If you want Work month or Work Week to be the default view, then go to the admin's Settings page and under Options Panel set the "Default view on start-up" to the desired page.
4. To tailor the calendar to the user needs you can:
a. configure a lot of things on the admin's Settings page (e.g. date and time formats)
b. tailor the fonts and colors of the user interface by editing the file css/lctheme.php
c. change the user interface texts by editing the language files in the "lang" directory (ui-english.php, ug-english.php and ai-english.php)
Hope this helps.