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Posted:  20 Mar 2010 00:42   Last Edited By: Roel B.
A Major Upgrade
Luxcal 2.0 will be a major upgrade with changes in the structure of several database tables required for the advanced repeat capability and in anticipation of future improvements.
After installation, when starting LuxCal 2.0, the database structure will automatically be updated and for recurring events changes will be applied required for the new enhanced repeat capability.
It is recommended to backup your database tables before running LuxCal 2.0.

LuxCal 2.0 improvements:
Enhanced repeat function
Significant enhancement of the repeat function. It will be possible to repeat an event:
a. every / every other / every third / every fourth day / week / month / year,
b. every first / second / third / fourth / last Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday of the month,
Multi-day events can now be combined with the repeat capability.
Display of multi-day events improved
In month view multi-day events are now clearly indicated by "=>", "<=> and "<=", for the first day, the intermediate days and the last day respectively.
Selectable user interface language
If several user interface languages are installed, and if enabled on on the Settings page, the user can select his/her preferred language via a drop-down menu in the navigation bar. The language selected by a user will be remembered (through the PHP session mechanism).
Display a list of added, edited or deleted events since a specified date
A new view has been added to the Views drop-down menu which displays a list with changes (added, edited and deleted events) since a specified date. For the administrator a new script is available, which can be run via a cron job, to automatically email calendar changes to a list of email addresses. This script could be run for instance on a daily basis.
Print buttons on Upcoming Events page
Two print buttons, "Print Today" and "Print All", have been added to the Upcoming Events page. A printer-friendly page will be sent to the printer.
Spring cleaning
The retrieve function and the showgrid functions  have been significantly simplified. The passing of "current page", current date', "current cat" and "current language" all over the calendar are not needed anymore; just changes are passed.
Various improvements
- Styles are applied to notification emails (reminders). The emails are now sent with a more attractive layout.
- The max. length of the email list for notification emails (reminders) has been extended from 64 to 256 characters.
- Max. width of hoverbox: When no CRLFs are used in long descriptions of events,text wrapping will be applied if a certain max. width is exceeded.
- The text 'Notify x day(s)' in the hover box is only displayed for users who have 'post all' or 'admin' rights.
- Better validation of dates entered in forms, incl. leap year
- And various other improvements and minor bug fixes.