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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / Chrome showing the word `details` when hovering an event
Posted:  26 Sep 2012 09:52
I'm mostly using Chrome and when I put the mouse on an event it shows the words "Details" only. Nothing more.
This problem is introduced after I upgraded to 2.7

When using Firefox or IE, it works fine and shows the details of the event.

Hope to see a fix or solution soon. Thanks!
Posted:  26 Sep 2012 12:24   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Wilfred, thanks for reporting this.

This was an interesting problem and has been solved. A fix will be included in LuxCal 2.7.1, which will be released in the coming days.
To solve this issue in LuxCal 2.7.0, in the file common/general.js change line 171
details = document.createElement("details");
details = document.createElement("more");

Just in case you are interested:
In the past we chose the name (=tag) "details" for the event hover box. But since HTML5 the tag <details> has been given a special meaning, which so far has only been implemented in Chrome and Safari. Consequently the problem doesn't YET show up in IE and Firefox.

Posted:  26 Sep 2012 12:48
Hi Roel,

I've applied the changes and now it's working. Thanks!

It's not easy to support multiple browsers but you did a great job!
Posted:  28 Sep 2012 00:40


Just in case you are interested

I was.  Thanks for taking the time to explain...