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Posted:  24 Sep 2012 13:05   Last Edited By: Roel B.
LuxCal version 2.7.1 has several new features and a number of minor improvements and some important bug fixes.The most important new features are:
- Print button in navigation bar to optimize printing of calendar pages
- Ready for Single Sign-On (SSO), when embedded in a parent web page.
- The sender of email reminders can be set to the mail address of either the calendar or of the user who created the event
- Separate theme and styles sheet for the mini calendar

Important Note:
- If you have already a version of LuxCal installed and you have tailored the calendar's user interface colors and fonts, be aware that the list of definitions in the lctheme.php file has been extended and changed.

Change log:
1. Print button in navigation bar
The Print button has moved to the Navigation bar and can now be used to print any calendar page. When printing a page, the page background color is set to white and undesired items, like the navigation bar, buttons, scroll bars, notification messages, the calendar footer, etc. are removed.
2. Ready for Single Sign-On (SSO)
When the calendar is embedded in a parent web page, users logged in on the parent website can be logged in to the calendar automatically in a secure and easy way, using PHP sessions.
3. Sender of email reminders calendar or user
A new admin setting has been added, to set the sender of reminder emails to either the calendar mail address or to the mail address of the user who created the event.
4. Enable / Disable Event Hover Box
Two new admin settings have been added to enable / disable the popping up of the hover box with event details. One for Year, Month, Week and Day view in the full size calendar and another for the mini calendar. Both are independent. If the hover box is disabled, event details can still be viewed by clicking the event title in the full size calendar or the event square in the mini calendar.
5. Themes File Extended
More user interface style definitions have been added to the themes file giving the admin more freedom to tailor the user interface. (e.g. today and selected date day cell, hover box for normal, private and repeating events)
6. Separate styles sheets for the mini calendar
The mini calendar now has its own styles sheet and theme definition file. Consequently the mini calendar's look can now be styled independently of the normal calendar.
7.Various minor improvements and bug fixes
- The position of the log-in pop up window has moved from the screen center to the more logical calendar window center.
- When event data was retrieved via a cron job and PHP sessions were not active, a PHP warning message was produced. Solved.
- In Week and Day view multiple events on the same day showed only one of the events. This was a bug introduced in V2.7.0b.
- Retrieving event data via a cron job, while PHP sessions were not active, caused a PHP warning message (undefined variable: $_SESSION).
- Bug in passing of email list to sendMail function, causing a problem to send email reminders.
- PHP warning of undefined variable $msg on the admin's Users page and Category page resolved.
- The height of all navigation bar items has been made identical.
- When the calendar has not been reloaded during the lifetime of the PHP session and the user selects Log In, the Log In pop up window remained empty. This has been fixed; now a message is displayed asking to reload the calendar.