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Posted:  16 Sep 2012 22:10

I am using LuxCal for half a year now. For me it is exactly what I was looking for.
Using LuxCal I came to the idea to use LC not only as a webcalendar or pushing the events through a cronjob.
I would be convenient to use LC as a method to maintain my private-familiy calendar.

The idea is to use LC as primairly a webcalendar, so for input of data only.
If I login with any PC with a desktop calendar capable of interpreting iCal flies I could automatically use the data that is stored in LC.

Can this be done using LC?

I only want to use the data one-way, thus from LC to desktop, not the other way.
André Reinink
Posted:  18 Sep 2012 11:01
Goeie morgen André,

LuxCal can export events in iCal format via the admin functions. So if your private family calendar is also a LuxCal calendar or a different one which supports iCal files (extension .ics), you can import the exported events in your private family calendar.
Unfortunately automatically synchronizing the two calendars doesn't work; exporting and importing has to be initiated by the administrator.
Groeten, Roel
Posted:  18 Sep 2012 12:18
Hallo Roel,

Ik had het handmatig allemaal al eens geprobeerd, werkt [natuurlijk] goed.
Ik hoopte dat het mogelijk was om bv. via een cronjob de export periodiek te laten doen zodat ik via mijn desktopkalender de .ics automatisch binnen kon halen.

Posted:  18 Sep 2012 22:38
The problem here is that web applications, like Luxcal, cannot write files to the client disk (your PC); because this would be a severe security risk.
We could have made a small script to create every day an iCal file via a cron job, but this .ics file would then be stored in calendar's "files" directory on the server. So your desktop calendar would have to download the .ics file from the server on a daily basis.
Groeten, Roel