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Posted:  17 Mar 2010 20:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
First off, thank you for the very clean calendar implementation.  As others have stated I was looking for an open source calendar that would work within the AMP environment.  I spent many hours searching and decided yours had the cleanest views and the types of capabilities I needed.

I manage a youth baseball web site in the US which already had a calendar display for public access.  However, the content management aspect for scheduling games, practices and other facility uses needed a way to easily view when fields and practice facilities already were scheduled to avoid double-booking.  To make a long story short, I revised version 1.6, implemented some 1.7 features and forced weeks to start on Sunday (prior to 1.8's release as I needed something before the start of the season which is coming up shortly) to create a view-only calendar and came up with this:

This is a testing/evaluation page and will be promoted to the live site (remove the /testdocs) shortly.

LuxCal is obtained via the Calendar link just below the banner photo.  The test setup is for the late February/early March.

I revised the code to work with strict categories of uses and facilities (that only can be updated by site admins).  The colorization can be oriented to the facility (different shades of the same color for different uses of the same facility), to the use (different shades of the same color for different facilities used for the same activity) and to a particular team (so a parent can easily see where their child's team has activities).

I plan to resurrect the ability to schedule activities directly from the calendar view next, which will be very handy for our league coordinators and schedulers.

So, thank you Roel for the wonderful package.  I made only a few changes to the different views and was able to easily integrate our existing database information into your display structures.  And I learned quite a bit about CSS and Javascript in the process.


Joe O.
Posted:  18 Mar 2010 10:31   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Looks very good. We're proud to have State College Babe Ruth baseball in the US using LuxCal.
I'm glad that you are satisfied with the calendar. Happy LuxCal users, that's all we want ;)
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 04:31
I Want he same thing , how do you remove the login button, where do you log to administer the calendar.
Posted:  06 Apr 2010 04:35

The login link is in canvas/header.php (at least in the 1.6 version I used).  I have a whole admin section for the web page where logins are made and I will tie in the direct calendar editing capabilities with the SESSION variables I set for the admin functions.  If you look at the web page I listed you can see the links where coaches and admins can log in.  At this point, the calendar is display only and entries are made to display on the calendar using other panels I already had developed for making entries into a database.  I still need to work in adding/editing entries via the calendar directly.  I've done a lot of hacking of the code to work it into the environment and database tables I already had and more is needed to complete the job.  It certainly wasn't/isn't for the faint of heart.