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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / lcmini.php: \"Public view\" can add events. Why?
Posted:  30 Aug 2012 18:51

I've found 'LuxCal' while searching for a webbased calender for my school. It's very nice.

Installation and first configuration is very simple. But when I add a mini calender via <iframe> into my website it's possible for everyone to add events, even if no one is logged in. For this moment it's just me who could log in.
I've tested it with "working"/configuring on a Windows PC and viewing on a linux box.

That's not what I want. The "iframe"-calender should be for everyone (pupils, students, parents, ...) but they aren't allowed to add events.

Within the "normal" calender view it's impossible für "public view" to add an event, just in the "minical".

So I think this is a bug, or did I miss something.

Thanks for any hints.
Bye and best regards
Posted:  30 Aug 2012 19:53   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Holger,
Uhh, a bug . . .
If you log in as administrator and go to the Admin's Settings page, you will find under the heading "Mini calendar" the possibility to enable/disable event posting. If you don't want users to add/edit events in the mini calendar, disable this option.
Posted:  30 Aug 2012 20:01
Hi Roel,

thank you very much !!!
I didn't see that option before while looking to the settings. Now it "works".

Thanks again and