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Posted:  24 Aug 2012 08:05
Good day,

First, I am very pleased with the new install of LuxCal. It will serve my client well I believe. I appreciate the simple intuitive interface and flexibility of the product.

The client I am using the product for will use the calendar to schedule his time, and will grant access his student's private calendar so they can track appointments.

I am setting each student up as a category . . . student1, student2 and as an admin scheduling the appointment.

The problem I see is that with the Text Search function all categories are listed in the public view . . . so student1 can see student2's name. While some folks may have a busy enough calendar the text search function would be valuable, I don't believe at this point it is of real benefit to my client and students.

How would I remove this capability?

Or at least hide the categories from the public text search . . . only allowing text search on public events in the public view. I notice that on the 'Options' button in public view that the only 'visible' category is 'no cat', which is what I am using as the category for 'public' items. Perhaps this capability can be extended to the text search function?

Thanks for an elegant bit of software.

Posted:  24 Aug 2012 17:14
Luxcal is new to me. I have adjusted how I create categories . . . to achieve the confidentiality I need. Thanks.
Posted:  24 Aug 2012 21:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Joe,
In your first post above you have a perfectly valid point. On the Text Search page, for public (not logged in) users the drop down list with event categories should only display categories which have been flagged as "public" on the admin's Categories page. The not public event categories should never be visible to the "public user".
This was a flaw in one of the LuxCal calendar scripts which I have solved straight away. This fix will be included in the next LuxCal (sub) release.

From your second post I get the impression that you have found a way around this confidentiality problem. However, should you still be interested in this fix, then send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) and I will send you the updated file.
Also removing the Text Search page completely is not difficult. Let me know if you want this.
Posted:  09 Sep 2012 23:42
Thanks Roel,

I am back working with the LuxCal install. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I will be in touch via email. I would be happy to have the 'fix'. It will allow me to go back to my more intuitive approach in setting up users and booking appointments.