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Posted:  15 Aug 2012 16:30
1. When you change the "Dates/Times" Setting to 12-hour AM/PM it should change the times in Day view to 12 hours.

2. In Day view you should be able to drag appointments to a different time by left clicking on the appointment and draging to a different time. (like you can in outlook)

If there is a way to do either of these things please let me know.

Other than those two things this program is awesome! Keep up the good work!
Posted:  15 Aug 2012 23:19   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Traviss,
We agree with both suggestions.
The first is easy to implement, it would however take more space in the Time column and we  are always struggling with space, in particular when the calendar is embedded and has less width available or on mobile devices with a limited screen size. In Europe we always use the 24 hours view; how important is it for the US users?
The second suggestion is not so easy to implement. With v2.7 we switched to HTML5 and now drag 'n' drop functionality is indeed available, but only in the latest versions of the browsers! So if we would implement drag 'n' drop functionality, it would not work in older browser version. But drag 'n' drop functionality is certainly on our to-do list for future LuxCal versions - and not only for Day view.
Posted:  16 Aug 2012 00:33
Hi Roel,

Thank you for the quick reply!

The date view in AM/PM I think is really important, even if you just show us where to change it in the code I would be okay with that. It doesn't have to be a user preference.

As for the drop 'n' drag functionality I am glad to hear it is on the to-do list, and for the older bowsers versions maybe just make it a setting so end users turn on and off depending on what browser they are running. Just a suggestion
Posted:  16 Aug 2012 10:48
Hi Traviss,
I gave you wrong information in my previous reply, sorry for that!
Changing the time format from 24-hours to 12-hours am/pm in the time column of Week and Day view is perfectly possible (without any change).
In the admin Settings we made a difference between changing the time format for events and changing the date and time format in the rest of the calendar's user interface.
So, on the Settings page, under Dates/Times change "Calendar date/time format" to the American format "Monday, May 15, 2010 (US)" and you're done.
Maybe not so obvious, but nobody ever complained about this.
Posted:  16 Aug 2012 15:43
Thank you!
Posted:  16 Aug 2012 20:08
I am just curious when do you think drag and drop will be added to your calendar?
Posted:  16 Aug 2012 21:58
Ha, I'm curious too. I really can't say at this moment . . . first I need to fully understand all ins and outs of the HTML5 DnD functionality and then, if all seems feasible, I will try to implement drag and drop of events in Year and Month view and thereafter in Week and Day view.
My biggest constraint is "time" :(