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Posted:  14 Aug 2012 08:17
Dear Luxcal Team,

first of all many thanks for creating and providing LuxCal.
I have been using it for a while now and like it very much,
for its simple yet versatile nature, and impressed by recent

We have now set it up for a small group and realized that in
Public view, while categories are handled properly (i.e. only
public ones are visible), all users remain visible under the
filter options. If you try to keep your calendar private, this
could be a security issue.

Another minor point is the 'user' name 'Public access':
from the name i would expect this to be available
'publicly', in the public view, but actually it is not. 
From the behaviour i find this good and very useful, but
could this be renamed to reflect that it is available to the
group of registered users only, i.e. 'Group access', or
something similar?

Best wishes

Posted:  14 Aug 2012 08:24
Sorry - I just realize that 'Public access' is just another user one can fully edit.
Posted:  14 Aug 2012 09:10   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Imre,
You're right Public access is just another user which can be edited.
On line 53 of the language file lang/ui-english.php you can change the name Public View in whatever you want.
Posted:  18 Aug 2012 10:34
Hi Roel

thanks for the reponse.

Regadring Public View, what i meant is not the name but the fact
that one can see all the users (i.e. the log-in names) in Public view.

I see 2 possible solutions:
- either the list is not populated for Public view
- or the User filter menu is hidden as a whole even if it
is enabled in the configuration;
probably the later is a better solution.

Posted:  18 Aug 2012 13:58   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Imre,
Thanks for this good suggestion. Makes sense.
I've implemented your second solution. So if the user is not logged in (Public view), the filter with user names is not displayed in the Options Panel.
This change will be included in the next LuxCal version.

If you want to change this already yourself in LuxCal 2.7.0a, then do the following:


if ($set['userMenu']) {


if ($_SESSION['uid'] > 1 and $set['userMenu']) {
in the file canvas/header1.php on lines 109 and 124 and in the file canvas/headera.php on lines 98 and 113.
Posted:  19 Aug 2012 01:28
Hi Roel,
great, many thanks, it is working very well.