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Posted:  11 Aug 2012 13:47   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Not that I'm have any issues but like all old kids I like to see what might look better and to that and I see that the installation instructions say:


The calendar configuration variables which are automatically generated during the installation process are stored in the configuration file config.php.

I have searched high and very low but cannot find this file at all even though my calendar appears to be working well.  Has the name been changed or is there a secret location for it please?

The Middle Marches Benefice
The villages of Bedstone & Bucknell
Posted:  11 Aug 2012 17:02   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Graham,
Where did you find this quote?? I searched all LuxCal 2.7.0 files and couldn't find it.
Before LuxCal 2.6 the calendar settings (configuration variables), including the MySQL database username, password, etc., were stored in a file called config.php in normal text format. Because everybody could read the config.php file this was a major security risk.
As of LuxCal 2.6 the calendar settings are stored in the MySQL database. Only the database username, password, etc. are stored in encrypted form in a file called lcaldbc.dat. So the calendar uses lcaldbc.dat to connect to the database server and to select the calendar database and then reads the settings (configuration variables) from the database. Much more secure!

So if you can't find the config.php file, you're fine ;)
Posted:  12 Aug 2012 05:55
Hi Roel

How very odd.  Today when I opened the installation_guide.html file to verify where the quote came from the content had changed.  I think I had originally installed a pre LuxCal 2.6 version which had that quote.  In the meantime I had updated to LuxCal 2.7.0 which explains the difference.  Sorry to have troubled you and thanks for such a brilliant calendar.
The Middle Marches Benefice
The villages of Bedstone & Bucknell
Posted:  12 Aug 2012 09:07   Last Edited By: Gork


thanks for such a brilliant calendar
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