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Posted:  11 Aug 2012 11:57
WooT! WooT!!  A donate button!!!
Posted:  11 Aug 2012 17:10
Don't shout so loud :o
This is a discrete small minor tiny button which visitors are supposed to overlook ;)
You know, I don't want to become rich.
Posted:  11 Aug 2012 18:20
Just to help you, since I'm concerned only for your welfare - You can forward any extra funds you may end up with my way...  I don't want you to be rich either!  The horror!!
Posted:  12 Aug 2012 21:32
There's going to be a time when I hand over the calendar maintenance to you; for someone who can set up VPNs and IP traffic tunnels maintaining and further developing a web calendar is a piece of cake. By that time all donations are yours :)
Posted:  12 Aug 2012 22:11   Last Edited By: Gork
Oh coding is an entirely different monster!  You see, I'm a user of brilliant code other people put together.  And THAT is why I'm here - due to YOUR brilliant code. ;)  You see, I only tinker around with what others provide to me.  I dunno, perhaps one day that'll change.  I do have aspirations...