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Posted:  04 Aug 2012 11:36   Last Edited By: Gork
I really LOVE that added/edited information was added - thanks!  One suggestion I have though, do you really want this information in the hover-over popup box?  When I made the suggestion I was more thinking about having it in the add/edit window only.  I think it makes the hover-over box too busy.

Additionally, if you prefer it as-is might I suggest this information doesn't show up for generic web users?  At this point even if I don't log in I can see this information in the hover-over.

While clicking and hovering on my calendar install to type this message I noticed something else.  In public view Luxcal doesn't allow me to click on an event to view it in a separate window.  Am I imagining things or has this changed with the implementation of v270?  I thought before it was opening a box with items grayed out an unauthorized viewer should not be able to change.  It seems that I read with v270 (or maybe a later version?) somewhere that your intention was to make this a "prettier" box; rather than having all the information there but grayed out in public view you were going to create a separate box.  But either way, no box pops up when I click on an event in public view.  Perhaps I'm just confused and it's working both as intended and as it has since you implemented the "Show event details to all users" option on the admin panel.  ??  (I so seldom log out of my admin session that I just might remember the change correctly.  If so, sorry 'bout that!)  I see that if the "Show event details to all users" option is enabled there is a "prettier box" separate from the edit box in public view mode.  So I probably AM mistaken and it's working as intended.  Ugh.   Maybe 4am is just too "late" for me to be trying to communicate on your forum!!
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 19:51
I hate to, but I must admit that I agree with you on both points. The added/edited information makes the hover box too busy and (grumble, grumble) I also agree this info should not be shown to public users (unless they have been given "post" access).

So OK, I'll change this, it' easy. Some other users may start complaining, but they'll have to live with it.

I will send you the updated files within a couple of days by email.

What's this last part of your post about? Are you just saying here "I could not sleep and my fingers would not stop tapping the keyboard"? Or is there maybe a (hidden) message or suggestion? Of course, if you don't want users to see details, no Event window with details will pop up.
Posted:  05 Aug 2012 03:28
Lack of sleep, rambling on too much I'm afraid. heh  You can just ignore that last huge paragaraph...

I was just thinking that it seemed different that users without post rights could not click on an existing event to open it in a separate window.  But then I realized this is based on the admin setting "show event details to all users".  Last night it seemed something wasn't working the same way it had been before, but today I realize it's working the same way, as per your design.  I guess I was just confused and I blame it on being at work near the end of a graveyard shift.

I'm glad you agree with me in regard to the added/edited dates.  I guess it's not a HUGE thing if unauthorized people have access to this info, really, but it is a little distracting in the popup window.

And what do you mean you hate to agree with me?  Rude!  ;)