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Posted:  31 Jul 2012 20:10
Dont know if theres somthing im missing, but is there a way to set the calendar to update according to the viewers timezone? Basically if i create an event in Atlantic time,  but have my brother in British columbia view it(4 hour time differences), have the times on the calendar update accordingly? I see that development of this calendar is still ongoing, which is awesome, but if this is a feature thats on a back burner, is it possible i could even pay to have this feature added sooner?
Posted:  01 Aug 2012 12:46   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Finding the viewer's location is not an exact science and can be tricky business. Getting the viewers timezone based on the viewers IP-address is what is normally done, but can be misleading. For instance LuxSoft is located in the eastern part of Belgium, but our websites are hosted in Great Britain. So our IP-address will show Great Britain.
It would be much more reliable if the viewer could optionally choose his/her timezone; however currently in LuxCal the viewer can only choose the language, which is not necessarily related to the timezone.
I agree it would add value to the calendar for some users. I'll give this a further thought  . . .
Posted:  01 Aug 2012 18:23
Thank you for your prompt response and the new version of LuxCal appears to work quite well. I much enjoy the new view for events of people not logged in.

Back to the timezone issue, if it would be possible to detect timezone(use java to take that info from the local computer?) that would be an awesome feature. If not, even adding a select timezone feature i think would benefit

I had a couple other suggestions as well, ill just throw them here because im not sure of where else to put them:

In the change data view for user's, have a second field to verify password. Right now theres only one field, and a mistyped key could be disastrous.
On the detailed view for events, add the ability for people, registered or not, to get an email reminder for events, like maybe just a check box and text field for their email?

Either way thanks for this awesome calendar
Posted:  30 Jul 2013 17:42
You know, instead of having to detect the user's timezone and deal with all the confusion that may result from users in DIFFERENT timezones trying to schedule a common time, why not just simply put a dropdown next to the 'time'. Let the USER choose the timezone for this particular event, say "EST, EDT, CST, CDT,..." or whatever the equivalents would be in Europe. I mean, all I think is needed is that all parties to the same event understand what time and what TIMEZONE that time is in. And maybe the dropdown selections are configurable via the Options so that if I know my calendar is only going to be used in North American timezones, I can simply check off the ones I want to appear. How about that? Then when the calendar is displayed, one event may say 9:00 am CDT and another event may say 13:00 EST. It would be selectable by the User creating the event. How about that?
Posted:  31 Jul 2013 22:03
It's an interesting thought. I will look into this.
Posted:  31 Jul 2013 23:14
Hi Roel,

If I take for example phpBB, the timezone is a setting in user profile.

JL, luxcal french user, test luxcal on my site
Posted:  01 Aug 2013 21:57
Hi JL,
That could be a very good solution, just make the timezone part of the user profile.
Geetings, Roel
Posted:  05 Aug 2013 15:39
Hi Roel,

Just to throw my 2 cents in here. Most calendars I would think are very local so the time zone isn't a big deal and would remain constant so I wouldn't want to have to select the time zone every time I enter an event. If you were to implement this, I would appreciate a "default time zone", that way if my calendar is set to EST that would be the default unless someone selects a different time zone.

I'm currently setting up LuxCal for a hockey league that is in the city I live in so a single time zone. They have about 300 games to enter dates and times for and aren't going to want to enter or select the time zone 300 times.

Here is my question, I see a time, beside it is it going to show the time zone? I'm in Ontario, I know British Columbia is different time zone so the event is at 2:00 pm their time and not 2:00 pm but 5:00 pm my time.

The timezone as part of the user profile, is also not without it's problems. Long story short, we were vacationing in the U.S. in March and mid way through the state we crossed a time zone, going from Eastern to Central. We got to the show an hour early and then crossed the time zone again going back to our motel which was now an hour later.

The user might live in one time zone and post an event in another time zone. In the situation above I'll bet you there are people who live in one and work in the other.

Google was doing the same thing for businesses and appears to have now dropped it. A business would post their hours open and Google would say "now open" or "closed".

Not trying to upset the apple cart, just adding my thoughts and comments on the subject.

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  07 Aug 2013 11:09   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,
Thanks for your thoughts and comments.
I've given it a second thought as well and I agree with you.
It was never the intention to enter a time zone per event, but rather an optional time zone per user account. But even this could become rather complicated.

If a simple event would partially shift to a next (or previous) day due to a different time zone, it should be converted a "multi-day" event and, vice-versa, a multi-day event could become a simple single-day event when moving to a different time zone.

Could become a bit tricky . . .
Posted:  07 Aug 2013 14:34


Could become a bit tricky . . .

Perhaps a lot tricky to a down right nightmare.

My wife just came back from a trip to New Orleans, again different time zone for the connecting flight. They post the departure time on their time zone, they could less what time it says on your watch based on your time zone.

You even see it here in the forum because of where the different people, including yourself, are that post messages. You must have been up real late or real early, your post shows Posted:  07 Aug 2013 04:09

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at