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Posted:  24 Jul 2012 17:53

I have been using LuxCal for some time right now and it works really smooth.
I have to change the server and I was thinking about ho to do it. I don´t want to upgrade, to a later version, I´d simply leave everything as it is.
I copied already all the Luxcal files via ftp and now I have to setup the new database. I suppose I can easily export the posted events on the "old" calander and import  those on the new server, right?
I am using the LuxCal configuration tool, but an error came up, let´s see if you can solve me the issue.

Error: reading settings from database, using table prefix ''.

Any idea?

thank you in advance!
Posted:  24 Jul 2012 21:36   Last Edited By: Roel B.
If this is your only error message, you're almost done :)
This means that you can already connect to the database server and select your database. Great.

The error message is produced because your database has either no calendar tables defined yet, or has the tables defined but the "settings" table is still empty and doesn't contain any settings yet.

The best approach would be to use a tool like phpMyAdmin and export the full calendar database on your old server and import this exported file again into the database on the new server. The tool phpMyAdmin will export/import the table structure and the table contents; so once you've done this all should be ready for use and the LuxCal config tool should give no errors anymore.