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Posted:  08 Jul 2012 17:31   Last Edited By: Roel B.
LuxCal version 2.7.0 has changed from XHTML to HTML5. HTML5 is the state-of-the-art markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and opens the way to better structure HTML code.

Change log:
1. Calendar changed from XHTML to HTML5
The LuxCal calendar changed to HTML5. It now produces HTML5 code, rather XHTML code.   HTML5 is state-of-the-art and opens the way to more structured code. Measures have been taken to stay compatible with the older browsers.
2.More attractive "view-only" Event window
When users with only "view" rights click on an event an Event window with a special "view only" layout will open, rather than the Event Edit window with all form fields greyed out. The "view only" Event window looks nicer and In addition URLs in the event description will be displayed as hyperlink and can be clicked.
3. New setting "end hour" for Day and Week view
A new setting "End hour in Day/Week view" has been added to the admin's Settings page. This setting, added under Views, specifies for Day view and Week view the hour at which a normal day of events ends. The events for a particular day which start after the hour in this setting will sink to the end of the day. This setting will avoid waste of space in Day view and Week view for calendars which are mainly used during daytime.
4. New setting to enable/disable RSS feeds
A new setting "RSS feed" has been added to the admin's Settings page. With this setting, which has been added under General, the administrator can enable / disable the RSS feed link in the footer of the calendar and in the HTML header of the calendar pages.
5. Event owner replaced by date/user added plus date/user edited
The admin setting to enable the display of the event owner has been changed into a setting to enable the display of the added/edited date of the event and the user who added/edited the event. If enabled, the information is displayed in various views and in the hover event details popup.
6. Automatically delete expired events
A new function has been introduced to automatically delete events which have expired. A new administrator setting has been added to define the number of days after the event's due date when the event expires. If the number of days is set to 0 (zero), events will never be deleted. This function works via the cron job.
Note: deleted events are flagged "deleted"; definitively removing deleted events from the database is done via the admin's Database page.
7. New setting to define expiry time of cookies
A new administrator setting has been added to define the expiry time of the cookie which is set when a user selects the 'Remember me' option when logging in.
8. Changes view: events click-able
In the Changes view, if the user has sufficient rights, for added and edited events the title can now be clicked to open the Event window.
9. Mini calendar: Full month and work month view
For the mini-calendar two views are now available: Full Month view and Work Month view. The view can be selected on the admin's Settings page. In work month only days are displayed which are marked as "work day" on the admin's Settings page.
10.Cron Job Summary report emailed by the calendar itself
The Cron Job Summary is now emailed by the lcalcron.php script itself (to the mail box "Calendar email" specified on the admin's Settings page), and doesn't depend any more on the cron job system on the server which starts the script. The layout  of the Cron Job Summary message has improved.
11. Cron job report Calendar Changes only sent if calendar changed
When using a cron job: When the calendar has not changed, no "calendar changes" email notification will be sent. This reduces the number of unnecessary emails sent to the admin.
12. Various minor improvements and bug fixes
-  If the rights of a user are changed from Post rights to View calendar, the user cannot edit events any more; including his/her own events. In the previous LuxCal versions when the rights of a user were changed from post to view rights, the user could still edit his/her own events. This was wrong.
- The "nabla" symbol (upside-down triangle) on the Search button in the calendar's navigation bar sometimes causes problems in the new Firefox browser v13.0. Therefore this symbol has been replaced by a triangle (delta) symbol.
- When in the navigation bar a "Go to date" is selected, then also in Week view the selected date will be marked with a red border.
- Events on the 31st of a month repeating monthly will now only repeat in months with 31 days. Similarly, events on the 29th of February (leap year) repeating yearly, will only repeat in leap years. Bug.
- Width of the date picker field in the navigation bar increased. The field was too small in some browsers.
- HTML code of mini calendar improved. Better structured and HTML validation warnings solved.
- When there were no events due in the RSS feed, the produced RSS feed code didn't validate and could cause problems in certain RSS readers. Solved.
- HTML code errors solved in various pages.
As of v2.7.0a:
- The "date/user added/edited" information has been completely removed from the hover-box with event details. This was just "too much".
- The date/user added/edited information is always part of the events in Calendar Changes report sent via a cron job and doesn't depend anymore on the admin setting "Show date added/edited of event".
- Problem with line breaks in the description field in the Event edit window solved.
- On the admin's settings page the calendar URL is forced to start with "http". No "http://" causes problems with the RSS-feed URL in some browsers.
- When opening the Text Search page, the focus is now set to the Search text input field.
- When editing a single occurrence of a repeating or multi-day event the "date added" was not correctly filled and the "date edited" was not filled.
- In the user guide, problem with section numbers and titles, which were split over two lines, solved.
- In the Portuguese language file, errors in the description of some items on the admin's Settings page solved.
- Validation of HTML GET, POST and COOKIE parameters improved to reduce the risk of SQL injection.
As of v2.7.0b:
- Reloading the main calendar page after an event has been added, edited or deleted has been improved. A calendar change via the Event window will result directly in reloading of the main calendar window without asking for confirmation on the main calendar page.
- A change to the print function will avoid a confirmation message displayed by some browsers, saying that "to display the page, information has to be send to the server.
- Solved the problem that in earlier IE versions a new identical event is added when updating or deleting an event.
- Privacy issue 1: For public (not logged in) users, the list with user names in the Options Panel will not be visible.
- Privacy issue 2: On the Text Search page in the Define search form for public users the Event category drop-down list only shows categories which have been defined as "public" on the admin's Categories page.
- Several user interface font sizes, families and colors have moved to the lctheme file to make tailoring the user interface easier.
- The display of check boxes in front of the event titles has been normalized. No noticeable difference in views, but simpler CSS and better HTML code.
- The styles sheet pre-processing by PHP has been optimized. The styles sheet is now easier to read and it loads faster.
- Validity check for the "remember me" cookie (luxcal) has been made less strict to avoid "not permitted" messages.
- To avoid timing problem in certain browsers the resizing of the Event window and the Help window is now done after the window has fully loaded (window.onload in the HTML head).
- To avoid duplication of PHP code and to make it easier to implement SMTP mail, sending of email messages has been centralized in the sendMail function in the toolbox file. Because all email address lists are now processed in the same way, the list in the "Email destinations for changes" input field on the admin's Settings page may now also contain the name(s) of text file(s) with email addresses (one address per line) stored in the calendar's emlists directory. In the email lists the name of the file with email addresses in the calendar's emlists directory may now contain a file extension. If no file extension is specified, the extension ".txt" will be assumed.
- The email messages with a new password, sent from the Log In window have an improved style.
-  When importing iCal events, the problem with swapping start and end time when end time < start time but end date > start date is solved.
- On the the admin's Users page, in the alphabetically sorted user list, the Public Access user is always displayed at the top of the list.