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Posted:  01 Jul 2012 20:27
Hi Roel
For a certain application, I need users to enter specific beginning and end times for all events , but some are too lazy so instead click on "all day" for all events!  Also, some inadvertantly click the private button, which I've renamed "Do not use".  Is there a way to prevent these two boxes from displaying on the event input form?
I'm using the latest version.
Posted:  01 Jul 2012 23:11   Last Edited By: Roel B.
hello Riaan,
Two small changes, both in the file pages/eventform1.php,  are required to remove these two boxes:
To remove the "Private (Do not use)" box delete line numbers 32 - 36:
  if ($_SESSION['uid'] != 1) {
    echo '<td><input type="checkbox" name="pri" value="yes"'.($pri ? " checked="checked" /> " : " /> ").$xx['evt_private_event']."</td>n";

To remove the "All day" box delete line number 50:
<td><input type="checkbox" onclick="hide_times(this);" name="ald" value="all"<?php echo $checked." /> ".$xx['evt_all_day']."n";?></td>
That should do the trick.
Posted:  02 Jul 2012 20:10
Thanks Roel!