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Posted:  21 Jun 2012 17:10
Hi again, Roel.
Is there a way to change the mini-calendar view to Work Week, please?
Posted:  21 Jun 2012 17:24
Here's a link to show the embedded calendar:
It looks great but I use the Work Week for the default view of the full calendar page:
...and I would like to show the same thing in the embedded view.
Posted:  21 Jun 2012 23:27
Hi Jules,
Good idea!. I've changed the mini-calendar file lcmini.php for you (temp. solution) and have sent it to you by email.
In the next LuxCal release I will add a setting on the admin's Settings page to choose between Full Month view and Week Month view for the mini-calendar.
Posted:  22 Jun 2012 15:48
The Work Month looks great. thump_up
It's much more suitable for my website. :)
Thank you!