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Posted:  21 Jun 2012 15:45
Hi, Roel and Everyone.
My webhost has just informed me that I can no longer (soon) use "localhost" for the database location; it must be a specific server location and the string will be quite long: ""
Is there a straight-forward way to change this configuration setting, please?
Posted:  21 Jun 2012 23:24   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Yes, there is an easy way to change the server name from "localhost" to something else.
On the Downloads page of the LuxSoft site you can download the LuxCal Configuration Tool.
Upload this tool to your calendar root and launch it via your browser. In the left upper corner you will see your database credentials and the Server Name will show "localhost". If you already know which "specific path" you should use, you can enter it here and then press the Test button. If the Database Credentials Test is successful, you can then press the Save button and you're done.

Background info:
The database credentials are stored in a file called lcaldbc.dat in the calendar root. This is the ONLY LINK between the LuxCal calendar and the MySQL database. With the Configuration Tool you can test and change the database credentials in the lcaldbc.dat file. If you made a change, the next time you will launch the calendar the changed data will be used.
So, there is absolutely NO need to re-install the calendar.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to remove the Config Tool (lcconfig261.php file) from your server after use. Anybody can launch this tool on your server and see your database credentials.