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Posted:  15 Jun 2012 04:55
I just installed the v261c update and the help files aren't showing up for me.  When I click the "?" the window pops up and it shows the new version, 261c, but that's it - all the text in the window is missing.

After looking into things, it appears the ug-english.php file is missing from the v261c download.  Can I simply copy that file from the  261b version over, or have changes been made and I should really replace it with a new forthcoming file?
Posted:  15 Jun 2012 09:48   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Yes, you are right; how the heck is it possible that ug-english.php is missing from v261c download? (don't try to answer this question; it's a question to myself).
I've added the file to the v261c download.

Yes, you can just use the ug-english.php from the previous version. There was no recent change in the help file.
Sorry for this.
Posted:  16 Jun 2012 05:01
If you change your mind about wanting me to try to answer that question do let me know, k?  ;)