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Posted:  11 Jun 2012 18:18
Is it possible to run LuxCal on a MSSQL database?  Or will it only run on MySQL?
Posted:  11 Jun 2012 20:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Nobody asked us before. But as far as I know LuxCal is using "standard" SQL and therefore there should be no problem to use a MSSQL database.
Please give it a try and I will help you (if needed) as much as possible.
Posted:  11 Jun 2012 20:15
Excellent!  Thank you!  I really like the layout and the way everything works.  I am hoping it will work for us.
Posted:  12 Jun 2012 21:32
Ok, I am having the dickens of a time getting this thing installed.  I can get it to install the actual tables, but it will not add any of the initial data.  It does not like the "AUTO INCREMENT" for MSSQL, so I dumped that for starters.  It also does not like "public" for a column name.  I changed it to "publicx" to start with to at least get it going to see if  I can even get it installed.  So far, I'm getting no where fast.  I've run it through a debugger and it's telling me nada.  Any thoughts?
Posted:  12 Jun 2012 22:06   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I had a quick look at the internet to find the differences between MSSQL and MySQL, and unfortunately there are many; e.g. see Comparison of SQL implementations.
Also from the PHP reference manual it is clear that there are many differences. Apparently a special MSSQL driver from Microsoft is required for PHP and on top of that a special instruction set for MSSQL should be used.
So forget it. I'm sorry for this.
Posted:  13 Jun 2012 14:26
Do you know of any calendars out there that WILL run on MSSQL?
Posted:  13 Jun 2012 23:12   Last Edited By: Roel B.
No sorry, I would not know. Freeware calendars will probably use a freeware database, like MySQL, and not a commercial database like MSSQL.
Posted:  15 Jun 2012 03:45   Last Edited By: Gork
Even the paid one I was looking at before deciding to go with LuxCal uses only MYSQL.  I would assume there wouldn't be a problem running MYSQL on the same machine as MSSQL as long as they're utilizing different ports, right?  Since MYSQL is free, if you have access to install applications on the server it shouldn't be a problem, maybe?  Or you could install MYSQL to a different computer that the web server computer would have access to as well.

I know this isn't what you were asking but figured I'd add my two cents in case it was helpful.