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Posted:  07 Jun 2012 13:25
Hi, currently we use a third party software package in which reservations held.
Unfortunately, this way of presenting the meetings is awful.
I can select the meeting information from a SLQ Server DB, but would like to know how to insert that information into LuxCal.
Can you describe to me (perhaps by means of a small sample) how I can stuff the query results into LuxCAL thereby entirely skipping mysql .
Posted:  07 Jun 2012 13:26
by "this way of presenting" - I meant that the software package's representation of meetings is awful , terribly awful.
So LuXCal would do a great job I am sure.
Posted:  07 Jun 2012 18:11
Hi svenf,
Just exporting data from your current SQL DB and importing it again in the LuxCal MySQL DB won't easy. The fields in the DB tables will not correspond.
The easiest way would be to export all events in your current reservation software in iCal format (file extension .ics) and then import the Ical file again in LuxCal. LuxCal can do this; the question is if your current reservation software can export in iCal format.

If it concerns a relatively small number of events (reservations) it's probably easier to re-enter them manually in LuxCal.
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 08:25
Hi Roel
thanks for your response. Perhaps I can create the data into ICS files and import those files when new appointments are generated..
question I now have is - how do I import these new ICS files into LuxCal - what are the instructions to do so - and how can I remove old / redundant agenda items (that are no longer used) automatically ?

Posted:  08 Jun 2012 09:39   Last Edited By: Roel B.
You can import iCal files via the "iCal Import" page from the admin drop down menu. You will find further instructions on this page.

When reading in your iCal file all items will be displayed on the page. Then, before importing the items into the LuxCal DB, you can still make changes and mark redundant items as "Delete".
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 10:23
hello roel
you're suggesting that I do this by hand. But is there a way to automate this task, and have new appointments (when generated by users) inserted automatically into the calendar and updated accordingly ?

How do I achieve that ?
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 18:08   Last Edited By: Roel B.
What I meant is that if you want to switch over to LuxCal and want to transfer events just once, and there are not too many events, you could consider re-entering them in the LuxCal calendar.
But I'm not sure if I've understood correctly what you what to do. Do you want to abandon your current reservation system completely and switch over to LuxCal, or do you want to keep on using you current system and every time a change is made import this change into the LuxCal calendar?
Please describe to me in detail what this "automated task" should do.
Since this is very specific for your situation, it's maybe better to continue our conversation via email (see Contact Us page).