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Posted:  15 Mar 2010 14:42
I live in the village Sall in Denmark and I maintain a website for the village I use the calendar for all the activities here. We have a sport club, school, church etc. Now each of these can themselves put their planned activities in the calendar and so we can hopefully better prevent "collisions".

I have a few "observations" (I would not call it problems), as it really is minor things:

1. I noticed that the vertical distance between the topbar and navigation bar is pretty big in Internet Explorer. I have tested with Firefox, Chrome and Safari, which all show up nice, so it must be a Microsoft-Problem. I am not sure, if it is worth working on?

2. I made a Danish translation, which is now also available from here. In Danish we have some special chars æ, ø and å. LuxCal uses charset=utf-8. And this makes these chars show up wrong. At first I coded the chars with html-codes. However this did not solve the problem for the entered data. Besides Saturday and Sunday are called Lørdag and Søndag. When the ø is coded in HTML they will in the week-view come up as L&o and S&o - instead of Lør and Søn. Therefore I changed the setting to charset=iso-8859-1.

3. Finally I have a small problem with my main menu - as you can see here:

My main menu at the top is made in JavaScript using the editor DHTML-Menu. The text should of course be in the middle of the index-tabs. However the css-file of LuxCal has a general setting of "td, th {vertical-align:top;}". This moves the text to the top of the cell and I have not yet found a way of preventing this setting from taking effect on the menu.

But apart from these details I am very happy with the program :)
Posted:  15 Mar 2010 16:02   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Lars, Very nice site!

Concerning your observations:
1. Distance between topbar and navigation bar in IE
This bigger distance is only in your installation. If you open the demo calendar on this site in IE, it shows with the normal distance. You have integrated the calendar in your site without using an iframe. This is really nice, but has apparently this side effect.
2. Special characters in Danish translation
In order to display correctly, the translated files should be encoded as utf=8 without BOM (BOM = Byte Order Mark).
If your text editor doesn't support this, use Notepad++ ( and look under "Encoding".
I will add this information to the installation guide, in the section "Installing a New Language".
(I have converted the files in the Danish language pack to utf-8 without BOM).
3. td, th vertical align top
I removed "td, th {vertical-align:top;}" from the css-file and the calendar still displayed fine. This style is probably not needed any more. I will further investigate and remove it in the next release if it's not really needed.

Thanks very much for the Danish translation.
Posted:  15 Mar 2010 17:05
OK, I solved number 3 now ;)

When I removed "td, th {vertical-align:top;}" the events en the month-view aligned middle; but then I added the following lines to the css, and now everything is the way I want it:

table.grid td.we0 {vertical-align:top;}
table.grid td.we1 {vertical-align:top;}
table.grid td.wd0 {vertical-align:top;}
table.grid td.wd1 {vertical-align:top;}
table.grid td.out {vertical-align:top;}
table.grid {vertical-align:top;}