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Posted:  01 Jun 2012 16:21
Don't know if this is a bug or limitation, but when I use my ipad and logon as administrator the admin functions dropdown menu is not there.

Posted:  01 Jun 2012 22:18   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jim,
This is on purpose. When the LuxCal calendar is launched from a mobile device with a limited screen size, some buttons/functions are suppressed.
If you want your iPad to have all calendar buttons and functions, remove "ipad|" from line 169 of the file common/toolbox.php.
I will do the same for future LuxCal versions. My wife uses a Galaxy Note 10 and she's very happy with this change.
Posted:  03 Jan 2017 22:05
Can you edit a specific event on a mobile device?  I can touch an event on my phone and see the details, but if I try to open the specific event to edit the details, it just pops up with the screen to add a new event.
Posted:  03 Jan 2017 22:19
Hi there,

Yes, it should be possible on a mobile device to select an event title to open the event edit screen. I just checked it and it works fine.
Could it be a clicking problem? Please note: If you select the upper line of a day cell, it will open the "New Event" page and if you select an event title, it opens the "Event Edit" page.
Are you sure you have the correct rights? If you have for instance "Post Own" rights, you will not be able to edit an event added by someone else.