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Posted:  30 May 2012 02:18

Thanks for a wonderful scriptthump_up ....

We use the calendar as an booking calendar and we want to change some details in the email notification.
We want to remove ... "evt_sender" "evt_category" "evt_venue '...
We do not need these in the mail for the convenience of the reader

How do we remove these from the email notification.
I've looked at .. cronjobs / notify.php .. but I can not find where to remove the "evt_xxxx".
I need some help finding this so i can experiment a little and get it to look as we need it.

I´m absolutely no expert i PHP but i know a little bit ;)

Keep up the god jobb it´s extremely appreciated !!

Posted:  30 May 2012 23:24   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Simp,
Open the file /cronjobs/notify.php and you will find:
evt_sender on line 77
evt_category on line 68 and
evt_venue on line 70

So delete lines 68 and 70 and replace the last part of line 77 by the "sender" you want to use (e.g "From :".
Posted:  31 May 2012 02:22
Hi Roel
Thanks for youre answere !

Do you need "cronjobs" and the files in it to send an email notification ??
The thing is i been trying to remove and change things in notify.php as you wrote...
but it´s still send mail with all the info still in it.

Now i have even deleted the cronjobs folder .. and it´s still sending mail as it always has.
I have check so i not sending to the wrong folder with  FTP and i deleted the index.php just to make sure and the calender disappeared like i was expecting ... so I'm pretty sure that I am in the right place..

This makes no sense to me, what am i missing ???

By the way .... line 68 and 70 contains  style script ... so are you sure about 68, 70 ?

I appreciate your time and help!

Posted:  03 Jun 2012 22:55
Hi Simps,
Yes, the directory "cronjobs" and the files in it are needed to send email notifications via a cron job.

What you describe is maybe caused by the following:
When you add/edit an event and in the Event window you select "Notify now", an email notification is sent as soon as you save the event. This notification is send by the "notifyNow" function in the pages/event.php file. So also in pages/event.php sender, category and venue should be removed (lines 109, 100 and 102 respectively).

I'm sure about lines 77, 68 and 70 in the file cronjobs/notify.php.

Please note: These line numbers are valid for LuxCal 2.6.1c.
Posted:  06 Jun 2012 16:25

That did it, thank you !!thump_up

Have a nice one....