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Posted:  29 May 2012 18:49
I'm currently planning to use your Calendar, to display info for "Activities" events on the web site of my association. Luxcal, seems perfect for my usage (not too complicated but powerfull !).
I started to do some modifs in PHP to fulfill my needs (adding some extra info in events database ...).
Now, what I need is to be able to collect "events information" to compute and display something like a "summary" page for these one (something shoving "event XXX is happening monthly, is happening weekly, ...). For that purpose, I need to grab info from database, but I have problems understanding the meaning of r_type, r-interval, r_period, r_month, ...
(tried some reverse enginering, but seems not obvious !!). So, is there a comprehensive database explanation somewhere?

Thanks, and best regards

Posted:  29 May 2012 23:48
Hi Cristian,
Yes if you send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) I will send you a 2-page description of the database by email.
Posted:  30 May 2012 12:09
Many thanks, that's done !
Posted:  13 Sep 2013 17:27

I'm integrating luxcal into vTiger for a simple roombooking module because it is a far better calendar than vTigers calendar.  I am also looking for details regarding r_type, r_interval etc.. so that I can get vTiger to write to the luxcal database.
Posted:  15 Sep 2013 21:49
Hi Azdour,
Send me your email adress (via the Contact Us page) and let me know which Luxcal version you are using, and I will send you a concise description of the database fields.
Posted:  16 Sep 2013 16:59
Hi Roel,

Can I get a copy of this also? if you need me to send my email address again I can.

Posted:  16 Sep 2013 19:20
Hi Travis,
My PC was struck by lightning and I still haven't recovered my email history. So yes, please resend me your email address wink
Posted:  18 Sep 2013 17:08
Hi Roel,

Thanks for the pdf.
Posted:  18 Sep 2013 19:40
Hi Roel,

I just got the PDF and wanted to say thanks!