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Posted:  06 May 2012 19:02
Hi Roel. I know this is a "borderline" request! :D
But I cannot make the login on my android tablet cause the login popup is not showed anyway...
How I can make to show login request without a popup (in the main screen)???
Thank you very much for your really great work... :D
Posted:  07 May 2012 17:32   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

In LuxCal version 2.6.1 logging in is done in a separate window. In the versions 2.6.1 and 2.6.1a this separate window was in some browsers blocked by the pop-up blocker. In version 2.6.1b this has been fixed. Logging in is still done in a separate window, but measures have been taken to avoid activating the pop-up blocker.
So please download the latest version 2.6.1b and try again . . .
Posted:  08 May 2012 17:29
Thank you ROEL... I will try again in the evening... :D
Posted:  14 May 2012 09:52
Hello Roel.
I've updated to the last version: it works like a charm on android ICS...
Thank you very much one more time for your very good support and your excellent work...
See you! :D