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Posted:  05 May 2012 14:46

I have used the calendar on a couple of my websites and have noticed that the latest version gives a different look to the event pop up window.

The old version was nice and clean whereas the new version looks like a modified version of the event entry screen. See attached screenshots.

Is it possible to have the old pop-up version back?

Posted:  07 May 2012 17:39   Last Edited By: Roel B.
In previous versions, there was a mechanism called 2-step editing, which made editing an event 1 step longer and had no real added value. The "nice" screen in your first image has been dropped, because it showed exactly the same data as the onmouseover pop-up.
In version 2.6.1 the look of the Event window depends on the fact whether the user has edit rights or not. If so, all fields in the Event window are shown in full colour, and if not all fields are greyed out (which is less nice I must admit).

I can't change this back in an easy way.
Posted:  08 May 2012 10:03
Hi Roel.

Thanks for the response. What a pity.

I'll try reverting to the older version.


Posted:  22 May 2012 15:17

I agree it's a shame it can't be easily reverted to the previous style. True when you hover the mouse it gives you everything. Since you appear to be able to have a link below the title they can click it.

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Posted:  29 May 2012 04:15
New here. Great calendar but, I am having problems most of the time the login screen and the event screen will popup but, then it will deminish so that I can not see anything. It will also not let me strech it back out so I can not log in or add events.....PLEASE HELP!!

Also, have not found it if you have it but would like to see a print screen, a popup screen so that we can add a redirect to out home pages after using the calendar and a place at the top so that we could add the name of our calendar. Would be nice add on's.

But, at the moment not getting into the login or events popups the calendar is not doing me a lot of good. Appreciate the hard work you have put into it. I use the calendar on my church webpage, a nonprofit and we are a small church.

Posted:  29 May 2012 10:31   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Tom,
From your post above I get the impression that there is a problem executing the JavaScript function "winFit".
Normally the Login window and the Event window both are resized (via the winFit function) directly after loading to fit the (variable) size of their contents. In your calendar it looks as if the windows are resized to zero.
What browser are you using? Do the Login window and Event window in the LuxCal demo calendar on this site work properly with that same browser?
Could you send us the URL of your calendar (e.g. via the Contact Us page) so that I can have a detailed look at what's happening?

In the installation_guide.html, section 5 you will find various ways to embed LuxCal in your own web page. By embedding LuxCal you are free to add links, titles, etc. In the file css/lctheme.php you can easily tailor the calendar colors.

Posted:  29 May 2012 22:18   Last Edited By: Roel B.

Thanks for the reply. I am using Win. XP and explorer eight on my desk top and on my lap top I am using Win. Home 7. The login win worked fine on your demo site and also on one of my other church sites. But, on this one: it still is not working on either of my computers.

Go to the website and click on calendar on the menu. They were working, but then just quit on both the login and the event pop up windows, they shrink down. I cleared my cookies, everything, rebooted, nothing works.