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Posted:  14 Apr 2012 03:19
The selection list for calendar views was more intuitive than the current "Options" button.  I would suggest changing this back or renaming the button to "Views" or "Select View".
Posted:  14 Apr 2012 03:29
I think this change was made in order to combine all filters and views so as to keep things looking "sleek and simple" in the interface.  This was back when the change was made so users could select multiple filters - a VERY nice addition.  Whatever the reason, I like it better as-is myself.  What the current button is called, however, is of no matter to me.

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Posted:  23 Apr 2012 17:25   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The Options panel was indeed introduced to combine 1) Views selection, 2) User filter, 3) Category filter and 4) Language selection.
If all four would be put individually, next to each other, in the navigation bar, there would not be enough space in calendars with a limited width (e.g. embedded calendars).
The Options button can be renamed in the file lang/ui-english.php on lines 55, 56 and 57 (or, just search for "options").
Posted:  01 May 2012 00:08
OK, that's a reasonable way to address this.