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Posted:  09 Apr 2012 06:25
How I can work sharecalendar system on linux server

I can not use delete funtion on IE7 8 and 9.
Posted:  09 Apr 2012 17:27
Which LuxCal version are you using?

Which delete function do you mean? Delete an event in the event window?
I have tested this in our test calendars with IE7, 8 and 9 and have no problem.

What do you exactly mean by "sharecalendar"? Two calendar installations sharing the same calendar database operating on the same data set? Or maybe sharing the same database but operating on individual data sets?
Posted:  11 Apr 2012 07:00
dear Roel B.,

I'm install windows XP with SP.3 and appserv server(application for build web application / with other update and install after that I'm set up LuxCal and try to use it has problem about delete function (when I delete event,it make duplicate that event). So when I install dotnet and windows update the problem is not  happen.

but in case I'm use linux Ubuntu server 10.04 for web server service and install all update. After that I'm install LuxCal ans try to test, we found the problem about delete function when I use that function on IE.(when I delete event,it make duplicate that event) and I cannot fix it or find any solution for solve it.

anyway your application is very useful. thank you for create it and share it to everyone.thump_upthump_up
Posted:  11 Apr 2012 17:30
Some IE versions treat submit buttons differently than other browsers. This caused the "delete" problem. This has been fixed in the "event.php" file in the download file.
So if you re-download the calendar and unzip and upload file event.php to the "pages" directory, this problem should be solved.