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Posted:  04 Apr 2012 04:09
Hi there,
Installed 2.61 today and it appeared on my web page all as anticipated.

I then set about creating a new CSV file for import and went ahead and imported it.... but then the calender on the web page disappeared to be replaced by the message 'Could not connect to the MySQL server'.

I think that I may have chosen an incorrect date format.... 'mm-dd-yyy' instead of dd-mm-yyyy'.. but would this cause this error?

There have been issues with the server in the past few days.. so I cannot completely discount this as a potential source of the issue...

I reinstalled the application and copied across the backup of 'lcaldbc.dat' but the message still shows..

Can you help?

thanks in anticipation.

Posted:  04 Apr 2012 14:10
Yep - turns out that the server must have had issues... working now!