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Posted:  16 Mar 2012 00:01   Last Edited By: Roel B.
LuxCal version 2.6.1 has a new feature to define one or two check boxes per event, for instance one to "approve" the event and another to check when the event has been "completed". It works as follows:
On the Categories page the admin can activate one or two check boxes per event category, assign a label to each box and specify an associated check mark. For example "approved": 'ok' and "completed": ✓.
Thereafter, when a user creates an event and selects this event category, automatically one or two check box(es) will appear at the start of the event title. These check boxes can be clicked to open a Check Event window where the check boxes and their labels are displayed and can be checked or unchecked. If checked, in all views the specified check mark will be displayed at the start of the event title.
In the navigation bar a new button (check box) can be clicked to display a "todo" list with all events which require at least one check mark.
This feature offers a possibility to keep track of the progress of events which need some action.

The beta testers of LuxCal 2.6.1 are: Alfred, Herman, Jules and Sean. They've done a great job. Thanks guys!

Change log:
1. One or two check boxes per event
One or two check boxes can be activated per event category. They can be used to keep track of the progress of events. For details see description above.
2. Nav bar menus depending on displayed page
Now the display of the menus and aids in the Navigation bar depend on the page which is displayed. If for instance the admin's settings page is displayed, the navigation bar will not show the time picker and Add Event button.
3. Self-registration notification
A new admin setting has been added. If set, the admin will receive an email notification with details of each self registration.
4. New views "Work Week" and "Work Month"
In the Options Panel Month view and Week view each have now two options: Full Month / Full Week and Work Month / Work Week. The admin has a new setting which defines which days of the week should be displayed in the weeks in "work" view. Which days and the number of days is fully flexible.
5. Much cleaner and reduced HTML code
By centralizing a number of functions used by the calendar, the HTML code which the calendar sends to the browser is much cleaner and much reduced in size.
6. Rounded corners and shadows for overlay boxes
Via the lctheme.php file the user can specify for the overlay boxes (event details box, options panel, side bar) whether the box corners should be rounded and whether shadows should be visible (works in IE9 up, Firefox, Chrome).
7. Log-in dialogue displayed in a separate small window.
The log-in dialogue is now displayed in its own small window. This makes it possible to add user authentication to the mini calendar in one of the next LuxCal versions.
8. LuxCal configuration tool
For users having problems after the installation of the LuxCal calendar, a configuration tool can be downloaded from the Download page on the LuxSoft website. This tool can be used to check the following: The correctness of the database credentials, the required file permissions, the functioning of PHP sessions and if cookies are enabled in the browser.
9. "one step edit" setting removed
The "one step edit" setting on the admin's Settings page has been removed. This setting made things unnecessary complicated and offered no added value. Instead, if the user has no edit rights, the event window will open in read-only mode.
10. Various minor improvements and bug fixes
- Test on PHP version number added. During installation and when launching the calendar, users will be warned if the PHP version running on their server is too low.
- The current working directory "./" added to all file-related statements (file, file_....,  require, unlink, etc.). This improves performance and avoids that on certain servers (include) files cannot be found/saved.
- At the start of the script the current directory is set to the calendar root, to ensure that independently of the php include path and the server settings the current directory is set correctly.
- Texts "title", 'venue' and 'description' in header of the search results moved to the ui-{lang}.php file.
- Wrong title of iCal file export form fixed.
- Passing of arguments via the pages list in index.php simplified.
- Error in RSS-feed link in footer of mini calendar solved.
- All calendar settings of type 'string' are escaped (mysql_real_escape_string() function) before saving in the database and are un-escaped (stripslashes() function) when retrieved from the database. Solves problems with quotes in text fields like calendar title.
- Changed the link "powered by LuxSoft" so that it opens in a new window.
- Day number in day cells not properly aligned. Bug: <td>-tag was not closed.
- Measures have been taken to avoid interference between the settings loaded by the index.php script and the settings saved to the database at the end of the upgrade process.
- Some styles have been optimized.
- After self registration the username was not remembered for login and had to be re-entered. Bug.
- PHP undefined variable warnings fixed.
- For each event in the RSS feeds a <link> tag has been added with a link to the calendar URL and the corresponding date.
- Validation of the calendar URL improved, so that it doesn't end with index.php. The calendar URL is used for the RSS feeds and must be valid and end with a slash (/).
- For <input> fields of type password the font size has been made identical to text fields to ensure proper alignment of the right side of the fields on the log-in page.
- In the Changes view the onclick for event removed. The actual date for multi-day and repeating events is not available in this view and therefore events can not be viewed/edited on the actual date. This neither worked in past versions.
- The notify script is now using the retrieve function. The script is much simplified and processes repeating events correctly now.
- Function grabChanges moved from the "changes" and "sendchg" scripts to a separate file "retrieve2.php". Easier to maintain.
- XML/RSS validation errors solved. The RSS feeds now meets the RSS 2.0 specification.
- XHTML validation errors solved (the option values for user rights must be enclosed in quotes).
- Email address validation regex changed to accept email addresses like aaa.bbb.@ccc.ddd.eee.fff.
- For all admin pages the display of forms, data and error messages has been improved.
- On the admin's Settings page the validation of field "days to look ahead" has been updated. The value must be 1 - 365.
- On the import CSV files page the problem with the "delete" and "birthday" check boxes in front of the imported events has been solved. Bug.
- When importing iCal (.ics) files, both a CRLF pair (standard) and a single LF are accepted as line separator in the .ics file.
- During initial installation of the calendar, the URL which is preloaded in the  Calendar URL field contained twice "http://". Bug.
- When importing a .ics file and an alarm component appeared inside an event component, the description and summary of the alarm component were taken, rather than the description and summary of the event component. Bug.
- When the calendar was loaded without header (?hdr=0), in week and day view the time slots could not be dragged to open the Add Event window with pre-loaded date and times. Bug.
- The selected date should only be highlighted (red border) if a new date is selected via the date picker on the navigation bar and not if the forward and backward (arrow) keys are used.
- The event category and the event owner are considered to be not confidential. The display of these fields will therefore not depend any more on the admin setting details4All.
- Input field of type "file" (ICS import and CSV import) have now the same font size as other buttons.
- The texts in the English language pack used at the user interface has been updated and improved.
- When the calendar was loaded without header (?hdr=0), in week and day view the time slots could not be dragged to open the Add Event window with pre-loaded date and times. Bug.
- When adding/editing events, the maximum text length for the form fields 'title', 'venue' and 'reminder email list' is now limited to the size of the corresponding database fields. This is to avoid that texts are truncated when saving them in the database.
- When adding an event, after a "refresh" when a repeat value has been set, the wrong set of buttons (edit buttons) was displayed at the bottom.
- Presentation of status with check boxes in email reminders improved.
- When in the event window notify "now" has been selected, then for single day, not repeating events falling in a category with check box(es) the status of the check box(es) will be added to the notification email.
- To avoid malicious use, cronjobs can now be run via a cron job on the server only. When launched via the browser, the user will be redirected to the index.php file.
- Opening a login or an event window was sometimes blocked by the browsers popup blocker. Popups should always be the result of the user selecting a button/link.
- The display of the RSS link in the footer of the calendar now depends on the user rights. If the user has no view rights, the RSS link will not be shown.
- Spaces before URLs in the event's description field were erroneously removed.
- In the Event window when no edit rights (fields greyed out) the URLs were displayed in HTML format (with <a>tags) instead of edit format.
- Various minor improvements and fixes.