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Posted:  15 Mar 2012 17:57
Hi, Roel.
The new version is working well, thank you. My students love it!
I have a suggestion which I believe would enhance the Week view of the calendar, which I use as default:
Would it be possible to have single entries straddle the whole column instead of displaying as if there was a concurrent item, please?
Week 13 on my calendar demonstrates this well:
Also, could we have a "Work Week" view as well as a full week, showing only Mon-Fri?
Many thanks for all your splendid work. ~Jules
Posted:  15 Mar 2012 18:43
Hi Jules,
Yes I agree; when there is space in week view the events should straddle the whole column. To be honest, I already started a couple of times to improve the week view display, but the script for this view is bloody complicated and I gave up :(
But I promise to give it another try; once I have something better I will send the updated script to you for comments.

To have a separate Work Week view I find an excellent idea too. This is rather easy; it's more a question of how to present it.
In the Options Panel I could easily add to the list of possible views an item called "Work Week", which would then run from Monday - Friday. In this case the user would have the choice between Full Week and Work Week. I'm just wondering should the days displayed in Work Week be configurable by the admin? E.g. Monday - Thursday, or Monday - Saturday.
If I keep it simple, I can still add it to the upcoming version 2.6.1.
I'm interested in your and other's views.
Posted:  15 Mar 2012 20:05
Roel, you said that just like a bloody Englishman! lol
Neither of these suggestions has any urgency whatsoever, so no stress!
As far as the programming goes, the furthest progress I have made so far is to create a button which, when clicked, writes a message saying, "You've clicked a button!". :-S
What you have achieved is quite transcendent by comparison. thump_up
From my point of view, the Work Week display would be fine showing Mon-Fri. I'd suggest leaving it at that to keep it simple for the time being and then assessing the comments you receive for possible future development.  ~Jules
Posted:  22 Mar 2012 19:20   Last Edited By: Roel B.
In the Options Panel the user has now two more pages available: Work Month view and Work Week view.

It can all be viewed in the LuxCal Demo calendar.