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Posted:  01 Mar 2012 23:24
Hi Roel
Thanks again for this great calendar.  In my application, it is very important that new entries are e-mailed to a certain individual, whose job it is to then make certain arrangements based on the entry.  The problem is, users forget to tick the "send e-mail now" box.  Is there any way to change the code so that this box is checked by default?
Posted:  02 Mar 2012 23:56   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Riaan,

This is an easy one :)
If you are using LuxCal 2.6.0, then change in file pages/events.php on line 237 the last '0' to '1'. So line 237 should read:


$non = isset($_POST['non']) ? ($_POST['non'] == 'yes' ? 1 : 0) : 1; //notify now
That's all!
Posted:  03 Mar 2012 01:12
Thanks Roel!:D