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Posted:  29 Feb 2012 10:05
I have a little problem with the French translation and accented letters in the week view and month when the month is shown on three letters as 'Jan', 'Mar', 'Avr', 'Mai' ...
No problem with the above months, but because of the encoding to utf-8, those who have accents like 'Fév' appear in only two letters like 'Fé'.
I would like to address this problem delete the names of days and just put the number.
For example, to 29 Fév, put only 29.
I found the solution to the monthly view, but not for the weekly view.
Can you say me what to change in the module "week.php"?
Posted:  29 Feb 2012 14:46
Hi there,
You are apparently using an old LuxCal version; since LuxCal 2.4 this problem has been solved.

If you want to stay with this version, then let me know which version you are using so that I can help you to find the place for the change in the week.php file of that specific version.
Posted:  01 Mar 2012 09:12
I use the version 2.3.2. It's old, but I made so many changes over that I hesitate to change the version.
In fact, I used File month.php to a small program that fetches the birthdays of my members in another table different from those of luxcal
You can see the result here: Anniversaires
Posted:  15 Mar 2012 17:47
This is the funniest forum header, "Problem with french letters", I have ever seen, anywhere.

I am originally from England and "french letter" is a slang term for a condom. <roflmao>

I seem to remember having lots of problems with french letters when I was younger!  :D ;)
Posted:  15 Mar 2012 18:20   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jules,
Yes, it's funny. When I saw this post for the first time on the 29 of Feb. I was about to answer "Ok, so have a good chat with your girlfriend". But I decided to stay dead-earnest and give a serious answer. Just as a forum moderator should do ;)
It surprises me that it took over two weeks before someone reacted.
Posted:  21 Mar 2012 16:31

Excuses me for "french letters" :)
I am not old man, but not young too :( and I have no problem with french letters, but with special characters like é à ù....

And Roel, my version is 2.32, can you tell me how to delete name of months in week.php ?
I want just the number of the day.

Posted:  21 Mar 2012 19:23
Hi there,

Do you want to replace for example "Lun 19 Mar" in the header of each day by " Lun 19" or just by "19"?
Let me know and I will tell you how to do this.

PS. Vous êtes francophone?
Posted:  22 Mar 2012 00:45

I wish to replace "Lun 19 Mar" by just "19"

Sinon, oui je suis francophone, et même français. Je suis près de Paris (A Versailles)
Posted:  22 Mar 2012 18:30   Last Edited By: Roel B.
=== Please note that this change is only valid for LuxCal 2.3.2. ===

Hi André,
To replace for example "Lun 19 Mar by just "19" in the header of Weeks view, do the following:

In the file views/dw_functions.php replace in the showDay() function on line 127 of the file "makeD($sDate,5,false)" by "substr($date, 8, 2)".
So the full line should be:


echo '<a href="index.php?cP=4&amp;cD='.$sDate.'" title="'.$xx["vws_view_day"].'"><div class="cellTop">'.substr($date, 8, 2)."</div></a>n";
I could not test this because I don't have v2.3.2 installed any more. Should you have problems, let me know.

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