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Posted:  28 Feb 2012 13:17

I have just installed your product and it is great. just what i nedded.

When testing on certains computer's i have discovered one bug with IE9 and Win 7.

When i delete an event with button Delete, then it copy itself and create the same one, so then i have two same event's.
This only happens when i use IE9.

Please help,
Regard's Matej
Posted:  28 Feb 2012 13:51
Hello Matej,

I've tried to reproduce this problem on our test sites running IE9 on Win 7 and could not reproduce the problem.
I created events is various ways, clicked on the event to open the Event window and then selected the Delete button. In al my tests the event was correctly deleted and the green bar appeared at the top of the Event window, confirming: "event deleted".

If you still have this problem, could you give me as many details as possible please.

Posted:  28 Feb 2012 14:43   Last Edited By: Roel B.

I have found the problem. I have Compatibility view enabled in IE9 and when i disable it then the Delete button works great and the view of Calendar is different - better that is. :)

Regard's Matej
Posted:  01 Mar 2012 12:10
i have the same problem just with IE8 (XP and WIN7). I have installed LuxCal on three Server.
On one it works fine, on the other two the same problem as Roel.

In Firefox, Chrome an Safari everything is ok.

I think this can be the problem

In Firefox
[eti] => [not]

In IE8
[eti] => [add_exe] => Change [not]

Just clicked DEL

Any Idea?

Sorry for my bad english :-)

Posted:  03 Mar 2012 13:18
Had the same problem with IE8

Turned OFF compatibility

Then in Internet options had to make sure that "Let IE decide how to handle pop ups" was switched on (it was previously set to always open in another tab)

Then all worked
Posted:  05 Mar 2012 10:55
Thanks Jay for your help but it does not work.

I think the problem is on the server.

I have installed the calender on three Server

Local (xammp),Server at work and server of a friend.

Just on the server of my friend LuxCal work fine with IE8

Someone any idea?
Posted:  02 Apr 2012 13:25
I have same problem with IE8

On test server (windows XP+appserv+PHP5+MySQL) I'm never have that problem(copy event when press Delete on IE) but when I'm move this application to LINUX server I'm have same problem with Matej (New server is Ubuntu 10.04 server)

Do you have any Idea?
Other Internet explore is OK!javascript:paste_smilie(document.PForm.message,':D')

Posted:  04 Apr 2012 08:49
dear all,

I'm just try to install again to windows XP sp.3+apache+PHP5+MySQL after install every thing it still have the problem on delete event function, I'm try to install dotNet2.5,3 and 4 and update windows again. After windows update finish I'm try to use delete event function again, the problem is fix. But I'm still no idea for fix this issue on linux OS
Posted:  21 Jun 2012 09:52
Hi we have encountered the same problem, but only when user self registered. When registration was created by the administrator the problem went away. Does this help at all.