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Posted:  10 Feb 2012 07:08

Your software is great.

I do have a login problem though.  Running version 260, PHP 5.2, session and cookies are enabled.  After I did the install, could not log in as admin. Had a new password emailed to me and then I could log in with no problem.  Browser (Chrome) crashed and now I can't log in as admin again.  This also happened with the first user I created.  Seemed to be created OK, but I cannot log in as this user either.

Any help is appreciated.
Posted:  10 Feb 2012 18:58
Well, now I am really stuck.  The "Send new password" is not doing anything.  I am in test mode now, so no real data here.  Is there anything I can do short of starting with a fresh install?
Posted:  10 Feb 2012 21:55   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I would need more details to be able to give sensible advise.
You could maybe log in to your server (not using LuxCal, but via you ISP account) and look into your MySQL database, in particular the table "users". In this table you will find for each created user account the user id,  user name, email address, password (which is encoded and cannot de decoded), privileges and some other things.
The account with user_id=2 is the administrator. For the admin check if:
- the user name is correct
- the email address is valid and correct
- sedit is set to 1
- privs is set to 3
Change if needed.

Then go back to the LuxCal calendar and try to login as admin and have a new password sent to you.
Posted:  11 Feb 2012 03:57   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I have sent the PDF list of the "users" query to your email.