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Posted:  06 Feb 2012 12:50

Firstly, i need to say, LuxCal is awesome! Just gives me everything that i imagine for a web calendar.

Is it possible to merge the Event Title for the same event that is more than 1 day?

Thank you
Posted:  06 Feb 2012 21:50
Hi there,
I assume what you mean is to have for instance for a three-day event one colored  bar with the title spanning three days.
This is unfortunately not possible. The calendar view (e.g. month) is built up using an html table and it is quite difficult to 'kind of' overlay a title bar for several table cells, in particular when the bar extends during a weekend and should be 'wrapped' from one row to another.
It is of course not impossible, and maybe some time in the future . . .
Posted:  08 Feb 2012 06:23
Hi Roel,

Yes, that's what i meant. Thank you for your reply.