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Posted:  05 Feb 2012 18:23
I'm using version 2.32 of Luxcal and I want to use the model of the current month to display data from another table.
This is a table containing birthdays.
I do well to display my grid for the month, but I can not display the data for the corresponding days.
I looked at the file retrieve.php and I took over as the model function "function retrieve ($ start, $ end)" but my screen remains desperately blank.
Have you some ideas to help me please?
Thank you in advance

Posted:  05 Feb 2012 23:09
Hi there,
I'm afraid I will need some more details, like:
- I assume you are talking about the "events"table?
- do you want the calendar to read from two tables and then merge the events into the calendar?
- is this other table part of an other database?
- has this table the same structure as the LuxCal database structure?
- what do you mean by "I took over as a model the retrieve() function"?
Posted:  08 Feb 2012 09:33
Yes, I am talking about events table.
For your other questions:
I want the calendar read a table without events on more 1 day. It's a simple table with three colums: Firstname, Name and date of birth (type date like this: yyyy-mm-dd)
I wish to create a sort of another program with just a month calendar of the current month and display the birthdays of the month. Do you understand ?
It's the reason why I have token your calendar like an example.

I hope you understand my very bad english :(