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Posted:  01 Feb 2012 11:44

I've installed luxcal 2.6.0 and I am playing with the details4all. I've disabled the option - 'Show event details to all users'.

I have two users:

user1 - with access set to 'post all'
user2 - with access set to 'post own'

The calendar has two events, one for user1 and one for user2.

Now when I log in as user2 I can see the user1 event which I believe I should not be seeing as the event does not belong to user2?
Posted:  01 Feb 2012 11:51
Does he see all of the event details (like description) or just the event name
Posted:  01 Feb 2012 12:23

Ok, I see it now, thanks. The new setting for details4all only affects the visibility of the event details, not the event name.

user1 can make the event private to hide it from user2.