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Posted:  29 Jan 2012 22:36
I have just bought a small Android tablet and have discovered that I cannot scroll anything inside an iframe, which means I can only see the first two rows of the calendar. Research indicates that this is an inherent problem with such devices.  I really like Luxcal and cannot find anything remotely as good so am wondering if there is any way round this?  Can it be removed from the iframe or something?
Posted:  29 Jan 2012 22:56   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Embedding LuxCal in an existing web page is only possible in an iframe. But it is always possible to add a link to your web page and open LuxCal in its own page. Or maybe you could surf directly to the URL which is used to load the iframe and thus load LuxCal in its own page.
Posted:  30 Jan 2012 00:57
Sorry Roel, I did not make myself clear.  I have a standard installation but cannot scroll down to see the bottom half of the calendar that does not show on the small screen. I get just two rows displayed in the browser and I cannot scroll down to the rest.  Perhaps this is not an iframe problem but something else. Any ideas?
Posted:  30 Jan 2012 23:47   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The scrollable part of the calendar is a <div> with an absolute position and overflow set to 'scroll'. Apparently your tabled can't cope with this.

What could be done is the following:
1. make the full page scrollable
2. remove the end bar (the footer at the bottom of the display)
3. remove the scroll bar from the calendar part (the <div> I mentioned above)

This can all be done by some changes to the css.php file (the styles sheet).
For LuxCal 2.6.0 change the file css/css.php as follows:

1. change line 23 from
body {background:<?php echo BGND2?>; color:<?php echo TEXT1?>; overflow:hidden;}
body {background:<?php echo BGND2?>; color:<?php echo TEXT1?>; overflow:auto;}

2. change line 71 from
div.endBar {position:absolute; left:0; bottom:10px; width: 98%; padding:0 1%; font-size:0.8em; background:<?php echo BGND3?>; border:<?php echo BORD1?>;}
div.endBar {position:absolute; left:0; bottom:10px; width: 98%; padding:0 1%; font-size:0.8em; background:<?php echo BGND3?>; border:<?php echo BORD1?>;visibility:hidden;}

3. change line 92  from
.scrollBoxMo, .scrollBoxWe, .scrollBoxDa {position:absolute; left:0; top:85px; right:0; bottom:35px; padding:0 10px; overflow-y:scroll;}
.scrollBoxMo, .scrollBoxWe, .scrollBoxDa {position:absolute; left:0; top:85px; right:0; bottom:35px; padding:0 10px; overflow-y:visible;}

That should do it.
Posted:  22 Feb 2016 20:21
I have a similar problem with no scrolling on an Android phone.  I have a Google Nexus 4 phone running the latest versions of Android & Chrome and LuxCal 4.3.0M.

It appears to be properly identified:

But, in either orientation, no scroll bars appear and the screen is not scroll-able so the calendars are cut off:

Will the fix above to css.php still work for v4.3.0? (I also applied the fix for ioS9 and that works great on my iPad).
Posted:  23 Feb 2016 16:30
Hello Mike and John

I have a Samsung tablet and a HTC mobile. Both with android.
I have no problems on these devices.

Mike - it seems You miss the scrollbars - I don't think scrollbars are needed - I have no scrollbars shown on my tablet BUT I can just swipe in the calendar, and it scrolls like a dream. Works both in iframes and as standalone.
Posted:  23 Feb 2016 21:54
I'm not sure if there should be scroll bars or not since I have none.  However, the pages definitely do not scroll with a swipe.  I can zoom in with a pinch, but I can't zoom out with a pinch to see the part of the pages that is being cut off.

I am running Android v5.1.1 with the Chrome version above.
Posted:  23 Feb 2016 22:39
I just loaded the Dolphin Browser on my Nexus and scrolling works fine with it.  So, it looks like some kind of bug with my current versions of Android and Chrome.  I think I'll stick with Dolphin for a while and see how it works. biggrin
Posted:  26 Feb 2016 12:27
Hi Mike,

You are not alone! My Samsung Galaxy mini S3 (Android 4.1.2) has exactly the same problems as your devices. The bug is much more profound than you suggest however. Not only is scrolling restricted other things happen. As your screenshots show in spite of being logged in as an Admin user all the admin options disappear, leaving only the Add button in place. The Calendat loses its name and the logged in user moves to the centre. of the title bar.

I also have a Tesco Hudl tablet (Android 4.2.2). This displays the calendar screen as on my desktop computer. However, there are problems of various levels of inconvenience in the display of other screens.

Roel, if it will help development I'll upload screenshots.
Posted:  29 Feb 2016 10:43
Hi Mike,

Yes, that would certainly help; maybe I can discover a pattern in what's happening with the various devices and  browsers.
You can upload them or send them by email (Contact Us page).
Posted:  01 Mar 2016 01:59
Hi Roel,

You should have received an email with screen shots and some comments. Hope they are useful.

I'll do my best to test anything you send me that might improve LuxCal's operation on smaller screens.

But at the moment I don't think it's the right thing for my needs.