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Posted:  26 Jan 2012 17:29
Please how can i make the email function work for my calendar. It currently doesn't send any email when a new user register, it doesn't send reminder too.

Also how can i make the calendar send reminder based on minutes instead of days.

Thank you
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 22:53
Sending an email when a new user registers has not been implemented in LuxCal version 2.6.0. However, it has been added already for the next version 2.6.1.

Sending reminders based on minuets is a different story.
Currently you need a cron job to run every day and then the calendar will check on a daily basis if an event is due and, if so, send an email reminder.

If you want do this based on minutes, then . . .
1) your cron job should run every minute
2) the notify.php script should be partially re-written to test on minutes rather than days.
3) Exceptions like "all-day" events should be solved.